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CA Strategy Consultants is a Munich-based management consultancy focused on market and business strategy. As independent management consultants, we enable small and medium-sized companies to solve complex problems and drive growth. We enable our customers to be faster, more efficient and more profitable.

We have extensive experience across a diverse set of industries including automotive, business services, construction industry, digital business models, industrial products (e.g. metal processing),  healthcare, retail & consumers as well as security technology.

We optimize sales structures, systems and processes as well as support our customers with developing and executing the appropriate sales strategy. We analyse key business areas and conduct ABC-analyses for specific product lines, sales channels, customers or geographies in order to identify a business’ profitable core. Additionally, we evaluate and develop potential strategic options.

CA Strategy Consultants also offers market intelligence services providing a full spectrum of detailed analysis of key verticals, customers and the competitive environment. We provide the latest information on current market trends and drivers leveraging data and insights from leading providers in the industry. The core of our work is in depth primary research interviews with experienced industry experts. Additionally, we have access to a wide range of commercial databases and professional providers of market information.

We collect market data, build market models, size niche segments and determine market share as well as conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Our aim is to help our customers gain a competitive advantage in both time to market and wih regard to strategic insights.

As part of commercial due diligence projects, we review the strategic positioning of the target company and the future sustainability & attractiveness of its business model. We validate the firm’s business plan taking into account factors such as market development, the competitive environment and customer dynamics. We also seek to identify possible deal breakers (“red flags”) early on in the transaction process.

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Commercial Advisory Unternehmensberatung verfügt über Projekterfahrungenvor allem in der Bauzulieferindustrie (Beispiele):

Aluminiumprofile und -systeme


Boden- und Sportbeläge



Geotechnische Systeme



Planungssoftware (Elektroinstallateure)


Solarthermische Komponenten und Systeme

Technische Gebäudeausstattung (TGA)

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